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About Me

Videographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. Editor
Hi are you looking for a videographer with experience in the action sports industry? 

I am David Hayes living in the UK, I have been skateboarding for over 17 years. I have many friends throughout the action sports industry and have experience Filming / Editing a wide range of sports. A huge advantage I have while filming is being able to shoot while riding my skateboard creating different angles and smooth looking footage.

In my opinion if your going to film anything sports related you need to understand how that sport works. e.g what tricks they will do, what's the best angle to film those tricks, communicate with the athlete knowing what line they will take, know how to edit the video parts correctly.
All my years of riding has gained me experience and enhanced knowledge which transitions in to my film making. This allows me to capture an athlete in motion the best way possible.

My work as a Videographer / Editor consists of freelance work for companies and events, creating promotional videos for brands I like and believe in and working on my own induvial projects. 
I enjoy sharing my clients
unique story with documentaries being my favourite projects to create. 


Video Parts




Featured on the




European championship


DIG BMX Website Feature

My most recent documentary (Building A DIY Full pipe) featuring Mat Burton was picked up by the Guys at DIG BMX. It made a big impact in the BMX world and was soon front page of there website while also being promoted through there social media.

Darkstar Skateboards Video Part

I was Honoured to film and edit a video part for DarkStar Skateboards featuring there Rider Joe Hinson. We worked on the project for about a year, which then got released as a solo video part call  RUGGED KINGDOM. It played on the Thrasher Magazine website and is the feature video on there YouTube channel


Flowboard European Championships

I was invited to film and edit at the Flowboard European Championships 2019.

It was held at Twinwoods Adventure in Bedfordshire UK. Featuring lots of different rider categories with first place winning a place to the world Championships in South Korea.